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Teacher Education at the University of Delaware

Professional Education Programs

The Collge School

If you are interested in pursuing a program of study to become a certified teacher, educational specialist, or administrator in a pre-kindergarten through grade 12 school setting, the following options are available:

Initial Teacher Education Programs

College of Agriculture & Natural Resources

College of Arts & Sciences (Secondary Education)

College of Business and Economics

College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment

College of Education and Human Development

School of Education    (Elementary Teacher Education)

Department of Human Development & Family Studies   (Early Childhood Education and Family and Consumer Sciences)

College of Health Sciences (Physical and Health Education)

Responsibility for the coordination of the teacher education programs rests with the University Council on Teacher Education (UCTE). Teacher education programs in specific areas are administered by the specific Colleges.    A listing of Advisors and Coordinators of Undergraduate Professional Education Programs can be found on the Contacts page.

Graduate Teacher Education Programs

College of Agriculture & Natural Resources

College of Arts & Sciences

MA in History Education

MA in Foreign Languages and Pedagogy

MA in Childhood Foreign Language Education

College of  Education and Human Development (School of Education)

Other Programs for Teachers

  • Non-Degree Program of Study If you are interested in becoming a teacher and have completed a bachelor’s degree in an academic field, you may submit your transcripts of your academic program to the University’s education coordinator.  Faculty within the academic department will determine the additional courses required within the academic major and related fields and in the professional studies component.  Completion of these requirements will qualify you for the University’s recommendation for certification.
  • Alternative Routes to Teacher Certification (ARTC) offers an alternative to the traditional route to teacher certification in Delaware. Through ARTC, qualified individuals complete certification requirements while they are employed as full-time teachers, through a state-approved program of professional education course work, accompanied by intensive, school-based supervision and mentoring in lieu of student teaching.
  • Scholarships For students desiring to become a teacher in critical shortage areas, scholarships may be available.  The State of Delaware provides funding for individuals pursuing teacher certification in: Bilingual Education, Business, English, ESOL, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Music, Reading Specialists, Science, School Librarians, Special Education, and Technology Education.  For more information, contact Barbara VanDornick or Frank Livoy in the Delaware Center for Teacher Education.
  • Delaware Center for Teacher Education  •   200 Academy Street  •   Newark, DE 19716  •   USA
    Phone: 302-831-3000