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Program Verification Form Request

If you are applying for teacher or administrator certification in Delaware, you do not need a Program Verification Form.  You can proceed directly to the application site here.

If you are applying for teacher or administrator certification outside of Delaware and you completed UD teacher/educator preparation program, you can request a Program Verification Form here.

The UD Teacher Certification Officer, Alyssa Truszkowski, will create and complete your form(s). You will be contacted by email once your form is complete and notified of any additional instructions.

*Please note* We do not list Social Security Numbers on any forms and you may have to fill this in after you receive your form.

Please fill out the form below. Forms may take between 7-10 days but we do our best to get them to you more quickly.



If you have questions, please email Alyssa Truszkowski at atrusz@udel.edu.


Certifcation - Program Verification Form Request

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