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A student who completes a University of Delaware’s CAEP/State Approved Teacher Education Program receives an Institutional Recommendation. The Institutional Recommendation indicates eligibility for teacher certification and is noted on the student’s official transcript upon completion of all program requirements. A student must apply for teacher certification through the individual states. The University of Delaware does not issue teaching certificates.

The steps to follow in seeking a teaching certificate are:

  1. Find out whether the state(s) in which you are seeking certification require(s) any form of competency testing for initial certification. Register to take these tests as early as possible. See State Certification Offices for listing of testing requirements.
  2. Secure an application for certification from the Department of Education in the state(s) in which you may want to teach. Do this at the beginning of your senior year by calling, writing, or on-line requests.
  3. Complete the form(s) following the instructions and attach the required items. Usually the following items are required:
    • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. All official transcripts at the University of Delaware must be requested through the Office of the Registrar, located in the University of Delaware Visitor’s Center, 210 South College Ave., Newark, DE.
    • Test Scores – You should request that the test scores be sent to the various states’ Department of Education at the time you register to take the tests.
    • Doctor’s certificate attesting to the health of the applicant.
    • Institutional Recommendations – The Institutional Recommendation is noted on the student’s official transcript. Some states, (e.g., Pennsylvania) will require a signature on the application to verify completion of a state approved program. Such applications should be sent to the Delaware Center for Teacher Education, 200 Academy Street, for the appropriate signature.
    • Fees – Most states charge an application fee.
    • Fingerprinting/Background Check – Many states are now requiring a background check. You should allow 4-6 weeks for background checks to be completed.
    • Child Abuse Clearance
  • Delaware Center for Teacher Education  •   200 Academy Street  •   Newark, DE 19716  •   USA
    Phone: 302-831-3000