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Office of Certification and Accreditation

Institutional Recommendation for Certification

Candidates in a teacher preparation program must complete particular requirements in order to receive institutional recommendation for certification. This institutional recommendation is noted on candidates’ transcripts and is needed to apply for teacher certification in Delaware and other states.

Institutional Recommendation is Not Certification

Only state departments of education can issue an educator license and certificate(s). The University of Delaware communicates to state departments of education that candidates have completed their teacher preparation program and University requirements by writing “Institutional Recommendation for Certification” on the transcript. This transcript note informs state departments of education that candidates have completed a state-approved program and interstate reciprocity agreement can take effect.

Institutional Recommendation Requirements

To receive institutional recommendation for certification, candidates must:

  1. Graduate from a teacher preparation program.
  2. Pass the Praxis Subject Assessment (formerly Praxis II) in the area(s) of their discipline(s) according to the State of Delaware guidelines.

Some candidates may earn their degree (#1 above), but may not complete and pass the Praxis Subject Assessment(s)  (#2 above) when their degree is conferred. These candidates have a until June 30th following their graduation date to complete #2 and still receive institutional recommendation for certification. In addition, students who complete institutional recommendation requirements after their graduation date must contact the UD teacher certification officer to have their institutional recommendation status reviewed and updated.


Contact the UD teacher certification officer, at ceetp-cert@udel.edu or (302) 831-2334 if you have any questions about institutional recommendation for certification. She is also the individual who fills out the program verification forms for state departments of education.